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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) list below to assist you with some of the queries students regularly ask at ADCI. If you cannot find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact Student Services for assistance.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is ADCI’s learning management system and is the information point for all things ADCI. Canvas contains all unit information, including weekly activities, assessments and contact information. Within Canvas, students can access the Canvas Passport course, which provides a detailed walkthrough and steps to using Canvas. Don’t hesitate to contact the Student Services Team if you have questions or require assistance using Canvas.

How do I access my Units of Study?

Students are provided access to ADCIs learning management system Canvas upon enrolment. In addition to access to Canvas, Student Services will provide students with essential information in the orientation before their first semester (Student Services will deliver orientation details via email at enrolment).

How do I access student orientation information?

Before each semester, ADCI holds a student orientation event on campus to introduce new students to ADCI, the campus, its staff and its courses. This a mandatory event for all students enrolled in their first semester at ADCI; Students are provided with all the information and resources necessary for studying at ADCI. Following the student orientation event, Students will be granted access to the Student Orientation course within Canvas, which provides ongoing information and resources from the orientation event that can be referred to throughout your studies.  

I need help with my studies – who can I talk to?

ADCI is committed to supporting students both academically and non-academically. Within Canvas, Students have access to the Academic Integrity Workshop – a Micro-Credential Course that contains the necessary academic information, support and critical contact information at ADCI.

All commencing students are required to complete and pass the Academic Integrity Workshop. The workshop is available online and must be completed within the first two weeks of the first semester.

The academic integrity workshop covers behaviours that support academic integrity and those identified as academic misconduct. Students engage in activities and solve real-life problems to help them develop academically solid integrity skills, including; Plagiarism, Cheating, Collusion, Fabricating Information, Contract Cheating, Recycling or Resubmitting old work.

ADCI Academic Staff is available to provide academic support to all students either in person or virtually. As ADCI Academic Staff contact details are available in Canvas, Students can seek assistance/help from the Academic Staff via the Academic Guidelines Canvas Course or in person at the ADCI campus reception.

I need some general assistance – who should I contact?

The Student Services Team is the first point of contact for any questions, support or help needed at ADCI. Within Canvas, Students can access the Student Services Canvas Course, which contains vital information, support and critical contact information at ADCI.

Students can seek assistance/support via the contact information provided in the Student Services Canvas Course or in person at the ADCI campus reception.